According to Jeffrey Gundlach, the bond guru at Double Line Funds, the low has been seen for this cycle in interest rates.
Here he is on CNBC:


What is Aleppo?

by Marilou Long on September 20, 2016 in Geopolitical

George Friedman, the founder of Geopolitical Futures, is also a guest editor for Mauldin Economics.  His recent post on their website titled “Why Syria Matters to You” is a very good historical explanation of what is going on in Syria right now.  From the linked article: The current regime was founded by Hafez al-Assad, an air […]

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Sector Rotation from Ed Yardeni

by Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler on September 15, 2016 in equity market

Ed Yarden’s research piece this morning highlighted the major sector rotation that has been underway the past few weeks. I thought it was worth posting to our blog today. It is very revealing, and helpful, for analyzing performance this year. “Conversely, the sectors to which investors flocked for income earlier this year–Utilities, Consumer Staples, and […]

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The Man With the Red Bandana

by Marilou Long on September 9, 2016 in Tribute

It’s hard to believe that we are still learning stories of amazing heroism fifteen years after the Twin Towers were brought down on 9/11.  I found this article from the New York Post very moving. Welles Crowther, a twenty four year old banker at Sandler O’Neill, died on 9/11.  His parents talked to survivors and pieced […]

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Texas is a Leader in Renewable Energy

by Marilou Long on August 29, 2016 in Energy

If you have ever driven through West Texas or the Panhandle, you’ve seen the wind farms in the distance.  The Wall Street Journal has an article today titled “Which State is a Big Renewable Energy Pioneer? Texas”.  From the linked article: SAN ANTONIO—On a blustery February night, the Texas electricity market hit a milestone. Nearly […]

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A little good news on Business Equipment Investment

by Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler on August 25, 2016 in Economic Indicators

A report today from the Capital Economics group suggests there is some improvement in business equipment investment. This improvement is likely to lead to a pick in GDP for the second half of the year. “Excluding the transportation category, core durable orders rose by a strong 1.5% m/m, which was much better than the consensus […]

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Low Rates Continue to Stimulate New Home Sales

by Marilou Long on August 24, 2016 in housing

New home sales in July were up 12.4% from June.  This annualized level of sales is the strongest in nine years.  From the linked UsA Today article: New-home sales surged in July to the highest level in almost nine years as strong demand amid low interest rates and low existing inventory helped boost the housing market. Sales […]

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Americans kicking the retirement can down the road

by Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler on August 21, 2016 in Investment Strategies

I read an article today on the CNBC website (linked here: that confirmed a discussion we have around our office on a regular basis; Americans have not saved enough for retirement. And, it is almost impossible to ever catch up. More than half of middle-class Americans say they plan to save more for retirement “later” […]

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The Cajun Navy

by Marilou Long on August 17, 2016 in Recommended Reading

In the midst of all the devastation in Louisiana, CNN has put up a wonderful story about all the people rushing to help rescue and evacuate residents and their pets from the historic flooding.  From the linked article: Baton Rouge, Louisiana (CNN) They’re out in force, patrolling in jon boats, motorboats and even canoes through […]

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Policy Makers Confused About Their Policies – not from The Onion

by Marilou Long on August 9, 2016 in Banks

The WSJ has an article today titled “Are Negative Rates Backfiring?” that describes how economists are seeing unintended consequences from various countries’ negative interest rate policies.  From the linked article: KORSCHENBROICH, Germany—Two years ago, the European Central Bank cut interest rates below zero to encourage people such as Heike Hofmann, who sells fruits and vegetables […]

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