Some Perspective on the Municipal Bond Market

by Marilou Moursund on January 25, 2011

in Bonds,Credit Crisis,Fixed Income,Investment Strategies

As the clip below from CNBC refers to, the municipal bond market has been roiled for the last several weeks after Meredith Whitney made a prediction of large amounts of defaults in the muni bond market.  There have been large outflows from bond funds 132 Part III: Big file recovery wizard Management For example, what did the customer click on? What offers were made avail- able to different customers, and which ones did they select? Was price the most important factor? Did customers like to be able to design their own travel packages, or were they more likely to purchase predesigned tours? Were some locations attracting more customers while other geographies were less popular? Which partners were attracting the most revenue? While much of this data could be incredibly valuable for those planning for the future, it was not practical for the company to store all or most of this data in the data warehouse.

which has added to the drop in prices.  I saw this clip this morning, and I thought that it was a thoughtful response to all the media frenzy.

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