Central Bank Action + Positive U.S. Economic Data

by Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler on December 2, 2011

in Credit Crisis,Employment,Foreign Markets,TARP

On Wednesday, The Fed and the ECB, along with other international banks bolstered swap lines, thereby increasing global liquidity and easing fears of a credit market shut down.

Today, we got employment numbers that were at least as good as expected. And, the September number was revised upward.

The Europeans have bought themselves some time, the same way we did in the U.S. during our financial crisis.  The key to a long term solution both here and abroad is to address the ballooning government spending, and the out of control entitlement program spending.  Perhaps having gone to the brink, we can implement a real plan to cut spending money that we don’t have.

As an aside, for anyone who has not taken the time to do so, read the text of the Simpson-Bowles Act

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