Consider Choosing the Seasoned Professional

by Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler on February 4, 2010

in Credit Crisis,Crossvault Capital,Investment Strategies

I recently became aware that in my personal life I tend to gravitate towards using professionals who have at least 25-30 years experience in their chosen profession.  For example, the architect my husband and I are using to remodel our home, is Bill McDonald. 

Bill is 75 years old and has worked for and with some of the best architects in San Antonio.  When an issue arises, Bill has more than 40 years of experience to inform his creative solutions.

In my more than 26 years in the investment business, I have learned a few things.  I have been through three major bear markets, several recessions and, a few Fed Chairmen.  This experience has benefited our clients.

During the recent financial crisis my partner Marilou and I were prepared by holding a higher allocation of cash, prior to 2008.  We did not sell out in March of 2009, and instead began to put money to work shortly thereafter. 

Many seasoned professionals have learned to take the emotion out of decision making, allowing for rational, fact informed actions, and generally much better outcomes.

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