The Recession is "Over", so now what?

by Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler on August 12, 2009

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Yesterday evening the “Wall Street Journal”  that according to the majority of the economists they surveyed “the recession is over”.  That may well be in terms of GDP no longer declining.

However, what kind of recovery are we going to have?  Rightfully so, consumers are continuing to deleverage, and banks are continuing to enforce tight lending standards.  Employment growth will also likely be slow or even non-existent for some time to come.

But, by maintaining this collective discipline the real growth may come more slowly, but the recovery will be a healthier one.  This is a philosophy we believe in at Crossvault and have blogged about often.

Whether we are, or are not officially out of the recession, signs of improvement in the economy are growing.  Let”s advocate for a gradual and smart recovery.

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