Why Interest Rates may stay Low for a While

by Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler on August 19, 2014

in Credit Crisis,Fed policy,interest rates,Investment Strategies

The following is an excerpt from this morning’s research from Ed Yardeni. It is a quote from a speech by Janet Yellen from June of 2009. “If anything, I’m more concerned that we will be tempted to tighten policy too soon, thereby aborting recovery. That’s just what happened in 1936 when, following two years of robust recovery, the Fed tightened policy because it was worried about large quantities of excess reserves in the banking system. The result? In 1937, the economy plunged back into a deep recession. Japan too learned that hard lesson in the 1990s, when both monetary and fiscal policies were tightened in the mistaken belief that the economy was rebounding. “These episodes teach us a valuable lesson that we should heed in

the present situation. Let this not be another 1937, but a time when policymakers have the wisdom and patience to nurse the economy back to health. And, when the economy does come back, let it be built on a foundation of sound private investment and sustainable public policies. Only then can we be confident that we can escape destructive boom-and-bust cycles and build a more permanent prosperity.”

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