Domestic Companies / Overseas Opportunity

by Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler on July 9, 2009

in Crossvault Capital,Employment,Investment Strategies

From my observation, there have been numerous crosscurrents affecting the U.S.

equity markets recently. 

A steepening yield curve could be signaling an end to the recession, the fact that there are fewer buyers for our Treasury bonds, or both.   Housing and employment numbers are still bleak, but employment has seen some improvement lately.

It is difficult to try to call the direction of the market day to day, or week to week.  

So instead we have focused our strategy on specific sectors and companies that will be early beneficiaries of a recovery both here and abroad.  

Emerging economies are still growing, and they have large populations that are looking to improve their standard of living.  Companies that produce goods to meet these growing demands will ultimately prosper.

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