In the U.S. is it rule of Law or rule of Regulation?

by Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler on July 28, 2011

in Debt,Employment,Fiscal Policy,politics

Yesterday, on CNBC, John Allison professor at Wake Forest Business school and the former CEO of BB&T said that in the U.S. today we have the “rule of regulation” rather than the rule of law.  He asserted that this has made it extraordinarily difficult for small companies to hire, and conduct their business. 

The CEO of Marlin Steel Wire Products based in Maryland seconded this sentiment during the same segment.   He also added that the government “does not have a problem with taxing, they have a problem with spending.”

We wonder if leadership in Washington is so busy posturing about the debt ceiling, that they have forgotten what the real issues are for the very real individuals, and businesses that are having to deal with them.

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