Bears rule..Could there be a Bull Lurking Somewhere?

by Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler on September 30, 2011

in Economic Indicators,Employment,Foreign Markets,Investment Strategies

Listening to CNBC this morning I heard Bob Pisani talking about how bearish all the long/short hedge fund managers are.  And, they are not the only ones.  It has been an incredibly difficult market, and for good reason.  There are a lot of real problems out there, and a lot of reasons to be nervous.

China is slowing, in part due to their own strategy designed to contain an inflation problem.  Europe still can’t come up with a comprehensive plan to solve their debt issues, and Greece is on the brink of a default.  Here in the U.S. we are still struggling with too much debt, a lousy housing market and unemployment that is over 9%.  These are the big issues, and we could add to that a plethora of other challenges as well.

For the time being we will continue to be in a volatile and difficult market environment.  However, with sentiment so low, and many of the aforementioned problems on the table, I keep wondering if there may be a better market lurking somewhere in the near future.

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