Caterpillar CEO agrees with Crossvault on China's credit strategy

by Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler on January 28, 2010

in Earnings,Economic Indicators,Foreign Markets,Investment Strategies

In his remarks today, during the fourth quarter earnings call, CEO Jim Owens echoed the sentiments from our January 25th blog post.  Mr. Owens stated that Caterpillar continues “to see signs of economic improvement, particularly in China and most developing countries.”

Mr. Owens went on to say that it casino online is prudent for China to be “tapping the brakes” on growth by withdrawing some of the excess liquidity in the system, and reducing credit growth.  He believes that somewhat tighter credit notwithstanding, China should still grow 8%-10%, and that they have done a good job so far in achieving their goals.

Maybe the U.S. can take a lesson from their playbook?

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