China’s Electricity Output

by Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler on February 5, 2014

in Economic Indicators,Foreign Markets

Lately there has been a lot of concern about slowing economic growth in China.  The reason for the concern, of course, is that Chinese imports and exports,  effect many emerging market economies, as well as some developed countries.

One indicator used to gauge economic activity in China is the electricity “output”.  And, as reported by Ed Yardeni, recent output is bullish for China growth prospects.

“Meanwhile, China’s electricity output is growing at a faster pace. The 12-month average was up 8.4% y/y during December of last year, the best reading since April 2012. It tends to be much more volatile than the growth rate in real GDP, but confirms that economic growth remains at or above 7.5% for now.”

We will be paying close attention to this and other data points as we monitor economic growth here and abroad.


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