Market quote for the Week

by Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler on March 3, 2014

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Great quote from Kopin Tan of Barron’s.  I thought it summed up the current market sentiment, perfectly.

“So what do we have here?  We’re in a bull market, but it’s an uncommitted, antsy herd.  Maybe we’re bullish because bonds in the face of rising interest rates, cash parked in savings, and pricey Picassos aren’t exactly bowling us over.  Maybe we’re bullish because we’re tired of being bearish about Ukranian violence, Greek austerity, Chinese hard landings, U.S. income inequality, polar vortexes, economic soft patches, peaked profit margins, congressional impotence, global warming, and middle-age weight gain.”

I would also add the over-used but appropriate adage: “A bull market loves to climb a wall of worry.”

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