Much of what glitters is Gold

by Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler on April 15, 2011

in Commodities,Economic Indicators,Energy,Geopolitical,inflation/deflation

Lately, we have had a number of inquiries about gold.  Clients are interested in owning physical gold, or owning public companies that mine or produce gold.  And it’s no wonder.

The price of gold is trading at or near all time highs, and may go above $1500 per ounce very soon.

Investors typically buy gold as either a fear trade when there is global unrest or elevated uncertainty, or a hedge against inflation.  Right now there is concern about the stability of many government entities across the globe, and heightened awareness of impending inflation with the price of oil close to $110 per barrel, and food and commodity prices on the rise.

While many of these circumstances may abate over time, it is certainly easy to understand investor interest in the glittery metal.

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