The Price of Oil

by Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler on March 17, 2010

in Economic Indicators,Energy,Investment Strategies

The price of oil is over $80 per barrel again.  There are several possible reasons for this recent rise in price. 

The first may be that in fact, the U.S. and Global economies are growing again.  Or, it may be that a weak dollar is causing the price of oil to surge.

A more concerning explanation may be that the price is rising in anticipation of an attack on Iran”s nuclear facilities.

At this juncture Grouping the four steps together will put an amateur gamer closer to a winning streak than ever before. it is impossible to know for sure which, if any of these, is the reason oil prices have been heading higher.  Regardless, now may be a good time to review portfolio exposure to energy.  The price of oil may be going higher.

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