What’s going on that’s Good

by Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler on March 24, 2011

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While there has certainly been a lot to worry about the past few weeks, there are still some good things going on in the world that may help stabilize the equity market, and possibly propel it higher in the next few months.

There is no doubt that Japan has suffered a tremendous blow to both their population and their economy.  However, there have been numerous articles written about the humanity and discipline of the Japanese people during this most recent crisis.  The consensus is that Japan will rebuild as they have in the past, and this rebuilding may even be stimulative to their lackluster economic growth. 

In addition, there has been much to be admired about the assistance  the United States Military has given to Japan.  So much so, that public opinion is becoming positive around the controversial permanent presence of the U.S. Military in Japan.  It is also helpful to general sentiment toward America.

There are good things happening here as well.  The regime change in November has encouraged an active discussion about fiscal discipline, and has even precipitated some cuts in spending on the state and local level.  This should ultimately be good for employment, as business gains confidence about the political environment.

We are still cautious in the near term given the turmoil around the world, but some of the good that’s going on today, may turn out to be good for the market in the future.

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