A Good Explanation of the Jewish High Holy Days

by Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler on September 24, 2014

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My partner Marilou suggested I post this brief summary of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.  Happy New Year to all of our clients who are observing the Jewish New Year.

“As the sun sets tonight, Jews around the world begin the most intense period of the Jewish year. The Ten Days of Repentance, sometimes called ‘the holy of holies of Jewish time,’ that begin with Rosh Hashanah and end on Yom Kippur. 

 “The key word at this time of the Jewish year is Teshuvah. Repentance. Teshuvah tells us all that we can change. Our character is not pre-determined. We can be better tomorrow than we were yesterday; that there is nothing inevitable in the affairs of man. One of the greatest of all God’s gifts is the ability He gave us to change. 

 “Today, as too many days in the past, it is not just Israel or Jews who find their freedoms at risk. It is all of us. Therefore let us approach this Jewish New Year with solidarity. 

 “May God bless the Jewish people here and around the world as this new year and sacred season begin again. And may the day come when good people of all religions, cultures and nations may work as one for the sake of liberty, peace and life.”


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Seymour D October 8, 2014 at 8:50 am

Laura for rabbi.

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