Happy New Year?

by Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler on December 29, 2011

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We think so.  Here are 5 things that could go right in 2012, and beyond.

1.  U.S. becomes increasingly energy independent.  This leads to higher employment, and lower energy prices.

2.  More manufacturing, high tech and industrial, begins to find its way back to American shores.

3.  The housing market begins to improve as a plan is implemented to relax refinancing standards for home owners who are current on their mortgages.

4.  Europe begins to focus on fiscal responsibility, and comes up with a viable plan to address liquidity and spending issues, and begins to implement it.

5.  Pro-business, fiscally responsible, candidates are elected in November.  This leads to a simplification of the tax code, a reduction of profligate spending, a real energy policy, and confidence in employers and job seekers.

We have blogged over the past year about a number of these possibilities.  If some of them come to fruition, 2012 could be a very good year.






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