More Jobs headed to U.S. shores

by Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler on December 8, 2011

in Employment,Energy,Geopolitical

On November 3rd I posted a blog about why more jobs may be headed back to the U.S. in the next decade.  On December 5th the Wall Street Journal published an article giving more credence to this notion, specifically as it pertains to the oil and gas industry, and how they are “shifting their focus away from the Middle East and toward the West.”

The Wall Street Journal does a good job articulating some of the reasons why large energy companies are spending more time and effort developing our resources rather than going overseas.  One of the reasons of course, is that there has been a tremendous advance in drilling technology, making previously hard to access energy much easier to develop.  However, they make specific mention of geopolitical risk, and the risk of having their people, assets, and oil and gas findings compromised by unfriendly governments and regimes.

As the article points out, there are a number of beneficiaries associated with this transformational shift, not the least of which is the American job market and the American consumer.

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