“Obama needs to stop baiting business”

by Marilou Moursund on July 27, 2010

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Mort Zuckerman, the chairman and co-founder of Boston Properties, has a spot-on editorial in the Financial Times today, “Obama needs to stop baiting business”.  From the column:

“The growing tension between the Obama administration and business is a cause for national concern. The president has lost the confidence of employers, whose worries over taxes and the increased costs of new regulation are holding back investment and growth. The government must appreciate that confidence is an imperative if business is to invest, take risks and put the millions of unemployed back to productive work.”

As Zuckerman points out, the demonization of business and the threat of government retaliation in the private sector has created a very tough environment in which to make capital investments.  Small business owners are extremely reluctant to hire in this environment, so our unemployment rate remains stubbornly high.  I keep trying to remind our leadership in Washington that you can’t tax or confiscate something unless you create something in the first place.

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