Two experiences worth blogging about

by Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler on February 19, 2015

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Over the long President’s weekend I bought a new iPhone 6, and took my 17 year-old son shopping for a sports coat and some shirts and pants. I was dreading having to make those two outings. But to my surprise, because of the great sales people at both places it was a great experience. David Paris, our sales person at

the AT&T store in Spring,Tx, (we were visiting for a Lacrosse tournament) was outstanding. He did not try to sell us a new plan. He was knowledgeable, efficient, and listened to what I wanted. He knew we had a limited amount of time since we were trying to make this purchase in between games, and he got us out in 30 minutes, which included making certain that all my contacts and apps had been uploaded from the cloud. If you live anywhere nearby that store, and maybe if you don’t, going to David Paris is worth the trip. On Monday, I took my son to the JCrew store at La Canterra Mall in San Antonio, Texas. From the moment we entered the store, all the sales people were welcoming and helpful, without being pushy. However, there was one woman in particular, who made the experience remarkable. Doreen Lindenstadt took an hour and a half with us making sure we selected the right sizes, searching online to see if there were comparable items on sale, and generally giving us good advice about the merchandise and our purchases. What a pleasure to deal with competent professionals who clearly take pride in their work.  

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