Exxon M&A Guys Must Read Laura's Posts

by Marilou Moursund on December 14, 2009

in Energy,M & A Activity

Laura”s post from 12/10/09, titled “Why Not Gas and Grow“, advocated for higher usage of natural gas in the United States.  It”s abundant, clean burning, and domestic.  Exxon must agree with her.  They announced today a ., a gas E&P company headquartered in Fort Worth.

From the WSJ article linked above:

“Much of the world”s remaining oil lies in the hands of countries unwilling to split profits with foreign companies. Meanwhile, other sources of energy, such as coal, face environmental constraints, and renewable energy remains too small a contributor to make much of an impact in the near term.

This leaves natural gas as the fuel expected to grow quickly in a world demanding more—and cleaner—energy. Natural gas is expected to have an advantage over other fuels as a price is put on carbon emissions, said Rex Tillerson, Exxon”s chairman and chief executive.”

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