Interesting Commentary from Andy Brenner Today

by Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler on July 10, 2015

in Energy,Fed policy,Foreign Markets,interest rates

I thought this morning’s commentary from Andy Brenner at National Alliance was worth posting for his comment on the near term nexium 40 mg move in

celebrexonline-pharmacy rates, and why oil online viagra may catch a bid. “With the Greece conclusion in sight and the Chinese market rebounding, the Treasuries and Bund markets are taking it on the chin….If you bought ten years or bonds at the week’s auction you are very much underwater….support on the 10-year treasury is still 2.48%, which I don’t think will be tested until next week….If indeed the Greek deal gets accepted and

the Chinese are able to keep their equity markets out of the front page, the Fed will be on track to raise in September. Once that makes its clear to the December or the 2016 crowd, the 2.48% level will give way to new high yields for treasuries for the nexium year….The one thing we have not talked about is the Iran negotiations, which now look like they are coming apart….don’t be surprised if oil catches a bid once the market realizes that….”

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