On the Way to Energy Independence

by Marilou Moursund on September 3, 2013

in Energy,Geopolitical

According to recent crude oil production data released by the Energy Information Administration, oil production in Texas has doubled over the past two years.  Here is the chart from the linked American Enterprise Institute article:


6. Oil output has increased so significantly in Texas in recent years that if it was considered as a separate oil-producing country, Texas would have been the 11th largest oil-producing nation in the world for crude oil output in April (most recent month available for international oil production data) – just slightly behind No. 10 Mexico at 2.56 million bpd (Texas produced 2.465 million bpd in April). At the current pace of output increases, Texas oil production will likely surpass 3 million bpd by the end of this year and could surpass Kuwait, Mexico, UAE, and Iraq to rank as the 8th largest oil-producing “nation” in the world.

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