From the WSJ- "The Worst Bill Ever"

by Marilou Moursund on November 3, 2009

in Fiscal Policy,Healthcare

There has been lots of rhetoric on both sides of the debate over reforming our healthcare system, but as points out, there is absolutely no way to reconcile the projected increased entitlement spending with deficit reduction.  The House Republican Conference has tallied the new federal bureaucracies created by the proposed 2000 page bill, and the total is 111 (hat tip   It is impossible to save money by creating 111 new governmental agencies.

If the government could demonstrate that it could reform Medicare by cutting out waste and fraud, I would be more open to believing that there is a way for the government to lower costs by insuring more people.

This post from August refers to the Whole Foods CEO John Mackey”s proposals for healthcare reform.  Many of these proposals could be implemented fairly quickly, and they would give individuals more of a stake in prioritizing their healthcare decisions.

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