Meanwhile, Sean Penn Still Thinks Hugo Chavez is a Great Guy

by Marilou Moursund on August 29, 2012

in Fiscal Policy,Geopolitical,politics

Sean Penn campaigned for Hugo Chavez in Venezuela earlier this month. Perhaps he could call his friend and ask about the degradation of the energy infrastructure in Venezuela. In , Walter Russell Mead lays out the eventual endgame of socialism:

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It is clear that the Chávez regime has been squeezing every last penny out of the oil sector, but despite the “Bolivarian” socialist rhetoric promising equal distribution of this wealth, the money hasn’t just been used for social programs, but also to fund Venezuela’s expensive foreign policy, as well as its efforts to cover up the results of poor policy, rampant cronyism, and the general mismanagement of the public sector. When things go wrong, Venezuelan citizens are the ones who pay the price for the state’s poor choices.


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