A Sobering Reminder about Doing Business in Mexico

by Marilou Moursund on February 20, 2013

in Foreign Markets,Geopolitical

Mexico’s economy has been doing well, and many manufacturers continue to expand capacity there.  However, the ongoing drug war violence is not abating.  The police chief of Nuevo Laredo has been missing since the discovery of the bodies of his two brothers.  From Stratfor’s recent Mexico Security Memo:

Authorities discovered the dead bodies of two men identified as brothers of Nuevo Laredo Police Chief Roberto Alejandro Balmori Garza in an abandoned vehicle Feb. 17 in Cienega de Flores, Nuevo Leon state, on Highway 85 near Monterrey. The police chief has been missing since the discovery of his brothers’ bodies. Mexican organized crime elements have likely targeted him and his family.

Organized criminal groups typically target law enforcement officers to coerce them into cooperating or at least into dropping an investigation. In areas with competing criminal groups, violence toward authorities could be retaliation against officials suspected of working with rival organized criminal groups. Los Zetas have been waging a turf war in Nuevo Laredo against the Gulf cartel and other Los Zetas rivals such as the Sinaloa Federation and the Knights Templar. In acts of retaliation Mexican organized crime often seeks to harm family members of the principal target, though the principal target here remains unclear. While the culprits in the disappearance of the police chief and the deaths of his brothers are unknown, they likely belong to one of the cartels operating in both Monterrey and Nuevo Laredo.

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