Venezuela’s Socialist Government

by Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler on June 13, 2016

in Foreign Markets,Geopolitical,inflation/deflation,politics

Three years after the death of Venezuela’s former Socialist/Communist president Hugo Chavez, the country is literally starving.

“A young woman faints in the heat as hundreds fight for pasta, screaming they are hungry. Slum-dwellers and armed gangs wait for nightfall to hijack food trucks or ransack stores. A mother is shot dead fleeing police after hundreds storm warehouses.

Food riots and violent looting have become a daily occurrence across scarcity-struck Venezuela and a major problem for the struggling leftist government of President Nicolas Maduro.

Despite hours in lines, Venezuelans increasingly find that coveted supplies of subsidized flour and rice run out before they can buy them. Many are skipping meals, getting by on mangoes stripped from trees – or taking matters into their own hands.”

Socialism is a destructive economic force, as well as a destructive force for civil society. You can read the rest of venezuela and socialism, here.

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