Unrest in Hong Kong

by Marilou Moursund on September 30, 2014

in Foreign Markets,Geopolitical

Tens of thousands of protestors have been filling the streets of Hong Kong the last several days. The protests started out very peacefully, and then the Chinese government began to use tear gas and force on the protestors. This editorial from the New York Times today is a good explanation of what’s at stake for Hong Kong. From the linked article:

If China had honored the political commitments it made before taking control of Hong Kong from Britain in 1997, it is likely there would be no protests in the city streets and no crackdown over the weekend by riot police using tear gas, pepper spray and batons

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against pro-democracy demonstrators.

Instead, the government in Beijing, ever fearful of its people, reneged on promises and allowed or ordered Hong Kong authorities to attack students and other citizens demanding democratic elections in Hong Kong. The pro-democracy protesters were so enraged that thousands defied a government call on Monday to abandon street blockades across the city. On Tuesday morning, tens of thousands, including many new recruits angered by the police actions, had again filled the city center.

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