Ideal of the American Middle Class Under Pressure

by Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler on January 10, 2013

in Geopolitical,United States of America

Over the past decade there has been a lot of discussion in the media about the

demise or decline of the American “middle class”. Typically there is finger pointing in these publications, and a desire to blame someone, or a group of individuals. A few days ago George Friedman, CEO and Founder of Stratfor, published an interesting, original, and insightful article about this very issue. He titled it “The Crisis of the Middle Class and American Power”. While he does not purport to have an answer to this dilemma, he suggests that there are two main contributors to this phenomenon: The “Re-engineered Corporation” and the Breakdown of the two parent family. Friedman believes if this issue is not addressed, American geopolitical power may be at risk. He also suggests that America is capable of overcoming its problems. “The United States has been a fortunate country, with solutions frequently emerging in unexpected ways.” For my next few posts I will try to re-print some of his ideas about why this crisis has occurred. It is up to the American people to have the will to come up with solutions.  

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