A Brief Summary of what the AHCA might or might not have accomplished

by Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler on March 27, 2017

in Healthcare,politics

I have been struggling with understanding what the failed health care bill did,and did not include. I found this very brief summary from Jim Geraghty at “The National Review” very useful:

“Like most of my colleagues, I found AHCA pretty “meh” at best. (With all the bashing going on right now, it’s worth remembering that the bill did offer flexibility to the states on Medicaid, did reduce the deficit, would reduce premiums in the long term if not the short term, and constituted the biggest effort at entitlement reform in a generation.) But because of the impossibility of getting 60 votes in the Senate, it didn’t include tort reform, insurance companies selling across state lines, and a couple of other big elements of the conservative health care reform agenda. It’s quite possible that had this bill been enacted, most Americans would feel like nothing had changed or improved by November 2018.”

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