Paul Ryan and the new Health Care Bill

by Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler on March 23, 2017

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An interesting excerpt from Paul Ryan’s Opinion piece in today’s “WSJ”:

Right now, the tax code discriminates against people who don’t get health care from their jobs. It makes no sense that those who have insurance through work see a tax benefit, while those who don’t, get nothing. Our bill would level the playing field by creating an age-based refundable tax credit. People who don’t get coverage through work or a government program will be able to use this tax credit to buy the coverage they want.

Taken together, these ideas put the patient—not some bureaucrat—at the center of America’s health-care system. Consumers get the freedom to choose the plan that meets their needs instead of Washington’s mandates. Health insurers and providers compete against each other for customers, instead of jockeying for favoritism in Washington. This is American free enterprise at its finest, and Congress can put it to work by sending our bill to President Trump’s desk.”

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