When Political Correctness Get in the Way

by Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler on September 3, 2014

in politics,United States of America

From The National Review’s “Morning Jolt” today regarding the hacked pictures of Kate Upton:

Here’s the thing, and the moral betters in the media at large are really going to hate this; People are going to look at the leaked pictures. There’s no grandiose explanation of a larger culture of sexism or war on women and “rape culture” at work here. People are going to look at the pictures because it’s a familiar face, they’re free and it’s one or two clicks. Real issues of sexual abuse however are more complicated than one image of breasts and can’t be explained in listicles or gifs. To contrast, currently in Rotherham, England, there is an actual culture of rape. But because that doesn’t involve the actress from The Hunger Games, the media ignores it. Who has less say in their rights being violated? An actress uploading nude pictures with technology they’re unfamiliar with or a child repeatedly and physically brutalized in unimaginable ways while the world at large ignores it because of political correctness?

This got me thinking about the uproar over sending the children from Central America who have come to the U.S. illegally, back to their countries.  The argument for allowing them to stay, is that they will be sent back to gang related violence or other dangerous situations in their countries.  While this may well be true, I keep wondering why the  same people who are advocating for these children, are never heard from when it comes to the gang violence children in the U.S. are subjected to everyday in cities across America.  Maybe it’s time for us to put the focus on our own children, some of whom are vulnerable and in danger sitting in their own homes, or walking to school.

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