Have You Made Enough?

by Marilou Moursund on April 30, 2010

in Fiscal Policy,Recommended Reading

   “I think at some point you made enough money” – President Barack Obama

I never thought that I would hear an American president say those words.  Our country was built on people risking their lives and their family’s lives to come to America to build a better future for themselves.  They were fleeing governmental, economic, and cultural oppression.  We became the dominant economic and military power in the world because innovation and hard work leads to a better standard of living.  I will also go out on a limb here and say that people work hard because they want to make a lot of money.  Goldman Sachs is in the public stocks being pelted with garbage not because they made a lot of money but because it feels like they had an unfair advantage due to cronyism or misconduct.

Americans are also extremely generous after they make their fortunes, and I would much rather have Bill and Melinda Gates deciding how to give away their fortune than leave it to corrupt politicians.  A life of service, either public or private, is only a possibility because someone else did the money grubbing and either got taxed or gave it away.

From a post on www.powerlineblog.com:

JOHN adds: Federal employees now are paid much more money then their counterparts in private industry. Is Obama willing to acknowledge that they earn “enough” and should forgo future pay increases? Obama himself earned more than $5 million last year. Is that “enough”? George Soros has made countless millions from currency manipulations that many regard as little better than extortion. Does he have “enough”? I suspect that “enough” will prove to be a standard that is both highly flexible and intimately related to political influence.

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