Privacy is Not an Option

by Marilou Moursund on August 6, 2014

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The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article today on privacy settings for Facebook.  It then describes all the other advertising companies that track your interests on the internet in order to serve up targeted ads.  I clicked on the link in the excerpt below, and there are 53 companies that follow me on my browser!  I must be popular.

What you can do:As long as your browser keeps cookies, you can’t stop Facebook from tracking you. But you can stop it and other companies from using that information to deliver ads.

To do that, you must register with each company that tracks you—and there are dozens of them. The fastest way to opt out of many at once is to use the ad industry website

Oddly, this dashboard is the only place to ask Facebook not to use Web tracking to target ads—you’ll see it listed there among the other ad companies. A Facebook spokesman said it wanted to use the industry site because it “lets people who want to opt out to do it in one place rather than going to every website.”

Facebook may also point you to individual opt-out pages of other ad trackers, especially to data brokers and those using tech to show you ads based on something you did online (like look at those Zappos shoes), through the “Why am I seeing this?” menu.

I wish this were easier. You need to go through this process for every Web browser on every computer and phone where you log into Facebook.

To be clear: Facebook and these other companies may still track you for other purposes like security, a reality that angers privacy advocates.

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