Recommended Reading: the OODA Loop

by Marilou Moursund on April 16, 2009

in Recommended Reading

The OODA Loop theory (Observe/Orient/Decide/Act), developed by USAF Colonel John Boyd, describes the process in combat that fighter pilots go through in trying to defeat their opponent in battle.  The most successful pilots are the ones who can quickly go through the stages of observing their opponent and environment, getting oriented in that environment, deciding what to do to win, and then taking action.  Each battle involves numerous iterations of this loop as the opponent acts and the environment changes.  The goal has been described as “getting inside” the opponent’s decision cycle.

OODA Loop theory has also been applied to the strategic level of combat as well as business strategy.  The OODA Loop is a perfect description of what investors have to do right now in order to preserve capital until the economy stabilizes.

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