“What am I thankful for? The next five minutes.” from Joe Terranova on CNBC

by Marilou Moursund on November 24, 2015

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From Joe’s video:

Recently, I celebrated my 49th birthday. For some people, they are blessed with the perspective of appreciating the next five minutes at a much younger age. Unfortunately, for

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most of us, that perspective generally appears later in life when either confronted with some form of adversity or our own mortality.

Last Thanksgiving I was blessed with that discovery, although initially it appeared to present itself in a rather ominous way. It began two days before Thanksgiving during a pre-examination for a colonoscopy. The following day, an abdominal scan confirmed a baseball-sized mass in the right lobe of my liver that was “suspicious for primary or secondary neoplasm.”

As you can imagine, Thanksgiving was, well, let’s just say unique. In the weeks that followed I tweeted ” Want to measure your wealth? Next time life places you in the “fox hole,” look around and see who has jumped in to help you. That’s your wealth.” So, as I share this story I will not cite the names of those who helped me, but let’s be clear: I found out just how incredibly wealthy I really am. I have hugged those who helped me many times over the past year.

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