Another Great Retail Experience

by Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler on April 9, 2015

in lifestyle,retail sales

A few weeks ago, I blogged about two great retail experiences I had over President’s Weekend. So, I decided to share one more. In this case, the company is Warby Parker. It is not yet publicly traded, but will be one to watch when and if they decide to take it public. Warby Parker is a mostly online retailer of sunglasses, and

prescription glasses, though they are opening stores in major metropolitan areas. They offer high end looking glasses at an incredibly inexpensive price; $95 for sunglasses and non-progressive prescription eye glasses. That alone is impressive, but what got my attention is their customer service. A real person answers the phone every time, and the service person is friendly and helpful. Whether you have a question about how to order, or an inquiry about a pending order, or delivery of a gift card, the response is polite, enthusiastic, and professional. I look forward to watching this young company grow and am certain they will enjoy much future success.  

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