Another good San Antonio story

by Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler on May 12, 2015

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From time to time I have put a blog post up about San Antonio, and what a great city it is.  So here is another story, something that happened to me over the weekend.

My mother in law passed away just over a week ago.  As a result of her illness, and passing, we have had a lot going on, as well as family staying in our home.  It has been hectic.  On Sunday I was obligated to put several fruit platters together for my son’s end of season Lacrosse party and went to HEB on Olmos Drive, where I proceeded to leave my wallet, though I did not realize it at the time.

As we got ready to leave the house that evening, I noticed I did not have my wallet and must have left it at HEB at least 6 hours earlier.  I raced back to the store, and was politely directed to a manager.  I told him what happened and he asked me my name. He then went into the back office, and came out with my wallet.  Not one dollar was missing!!

He did not know who found it, or where.  It could have been in the basket I used, at the cash register, or on the ground.  After verifying my name again, he gave me the wallet, and I left feeling so grateful to live in the best city in America.

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