Democracy in the Middle East Revisited

by Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler on January 28, 2011

in Geopolitical,Tribute

The Crossvault blog is not meant to be a political blog. Nevertheless, I had to post this quote from George W. Bush. This is what he said in 2003 in a speech marking the

20th anniversary of the National Endowment for Democracy. “Sixty years of Western nations excusing and accommodating the lack of freedom in the Middle East did nothing to make us safe – because in the long run, stability cannot be purchased at the expense of liberty. As long as the Middle East remains a place where freedom does not flourish, it will remain a place of stagnation, resentment and violence ready for export”. The current administration tragically abandoned this policy for a more accommodative approach to existing governments. Choosing to see the leaders

and their states rather than the people. For his position on bringing Democracy to the Middle East, I think we can now say of President Bush, how smart, how right, and how prescient.

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