Global Economic Recovery For Real?

by Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler on June 23, 2009

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In a recent report from economist Ed Yardeni, he suggests that the global economic recovery is “gaining momentum and credibility”. There is also a very good CNBC interview with Yardeni discussing economy in the context how the housing and bond markets.

A recent Crossvault advisory provided to clients we discussed how domestic companies can benefit from countries overseas that did not experience a severe downturn and that are slated to grow at a faster pace than the U.S.

Here are some current figures that confirm our view.  For the first quarter of 2009, Australia avoided recession and grew their GDP which was boosted by net exports.  In May, China’s manufacturing expanded as shown by their PMI (Purchasing Managers Index) that was above 50 for the third consecutive month.  Even in the U.S. our PMI rose for the fifth straight month, though it is still not in positive territory.

We will continue to monitor the various economies overseas, and how their progress may benefit our markets as we go forward.

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