Can you name the three branches of government?

by Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler on October 11, 2013

in taxes,United States of America

This morning, in a blog post I read most days, the author was remarking on how few Americans really understand how our government works, or how various government programs work. As an example, he cited a 2011 CNN poll that found Americans estimated that 10% of the federal budget goes to foreign generic cialis online aid, when in fact it is less than 1%. In addition, he observed that when generic viagra online asked, many Americans cannot name two or more of the five rights in the First Amendment. One conclusion that can be drawn from this observation, is that if Americans don’t know much about their government, whether it is because they don’t want to know, or it is too big and unwieldy to understand, maybe smaller, less complex free cialis would make for nexium long term side effects a more informed citizenry. This piece certainly encouraged me to learn a lot more about how our collective dollars are being spent. Our tax dollars do a lot of good at home and abroad. I for one want to be sure they are being spent in the most efficient and judicious manner possible.

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